Student Support

At WYIS, we are committed to seeing that every individual has an opportunity to learn and grow. Our Student Services department exists to support our students and their families in a variety of ways. This includes everything from language support and academic services to counseling and college/career preparation.

We believe in partnership -- between classroom teachers, support staff, and families -- as this creates the best outcomes for students. Let us know how our team can partner with you to support your child. Contact us individually or at


Our school counselors meet with students who may be having emotional or social difficulties and help determine the best courses of action, which may include a recommendation of counseling. Conversations are confidential. Counselors are available on campus to individuals or groups of students for discussion of problems relating to emotional growth, social adjustment, academic achievement or any other issue.

Principal of Student Well-being


School Counselor


College and Career Prep

The College and Career Prep area of our program is aimed at students who are primarily in high school. Our counselors are committed to preparing your child for university. While this does involve academics, that's not the whole picture. Students need to be well-rounded, with plenty of extra-curricular activities, service and leadership opportunities, and even internships and jobs. Academic, physical, social, emotional, spiritual -- it's all so important. WYIS provides the program, with no need for parents to look to outside academies or college prep programs.

Let us visit with you to help you understand how we are preparing your child for the future.

College & Career Counselor

Linda Liu

Special Education

Our Special Education teacher works with students and collaborates with the teachers on ways to support students with academic and organizational needs. The teacher also aid in communication with parents, teachers, and administration to implement the individual or whole group learning plans.

Special Education


English Language Support

English Language Support (ELS) teachers at WYIS are focused on students' development in speaking, listening, writing, and reading in English. During daily English classes, ELS teachers design lessons to help students improve their grammar and vocabulary. Also, ELS teachers partner with other teachers to make sure that all students have the best opportunity to understand the English language and academic skills related to core subjects such as reading, science, and social studies.

Meet our English Language Support team.

Suzanne Johnson


Doris Lauron


Julia Roehrkasse


Leslie Hatten


Emily Calder

Emily Calder

Melody Franzen

Melody Franzen

Christina Watson

Christina Watson