Wuhan Yangtze International School is proud to have many promising students graduate from our school and go on to do impactful things all over the world. WYIS alumni are making a difference. No matter where our alumni are in the world, they will always have a home at Wuhan Yangtze International School. Our network of alumni come from not just a place where they earned their degree, but a community where friends were made for life.

Jason Mittler, 2016

My name is Jason Mittler and I had the joy of beginning my education at WYIS during my first year of elementary school. My education beyond WYIS brought me to study at Occidental College in Los Angeles where I graduated with a degree in economics. As a recent graduate, I am currently interning as a Business Analyst for a multinational tech consulting company.

My years at WYIS were distinguished with a truly international experience where I had the chance to meet and befriend individuals from many different cultures and nationalities. Preparing for exams, dribbling basketballs, and working in community projects alongside such individuals created in me active empathy and adaptive communication skills that have shaped my ability to relate to other individuals, be it a new classmate in my lab or a client at my firm,

Jason Wei, 2012

I attended WYIS for 6 years and graduated in 2012. I then went to the University of Southern California and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. I am currently the Science Officer of a building materials manufacturer where I administer research and development for new products.

My favourite aspect of WYIS is that WYIS was not just a school, but also a community. My teachers taught me classroom material and they strove to develop me in all areas of my life. They volunteered after school to coach sports, hosted meals on weekends in their own homes, and dedicated countless hours towards the growth of their students. My friends, even after graduating from WYIS and scattering to the corners of the world, continue to meet together. We have driven, flown, and travelled far and wide to gather together because of the life long friendships created at WYIS.

WYIS is not only an academically rigorous school that equipped me for success no matter where I go, but also a loving community that taught me to pursue excellence in everything that I do, and to do so with joy.

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