Annual Report

Every year we publish an Annual Report to highlight key information from the calendar year. The Annual Report is a snapshot of who we are as a school. It includes all the official stats you may want to know: demographics for our students and staff; accreditation and registration information; test results for Advanced Placement, SAT, and MAP. The report also lists updates from 2019 and goals for 2020.

As you look through the report and see all the impressive numbers about WYIS and the great things our students are accomplishing, take a look also at the faces. The faces tell the story. Our students are happy, nurtured, growing, purposeful, courageous, connected, compassionate...they are real kids who love coming to school here at WYIS. The smiles are genuine, and the joy is real.

Click HERE to see our 2019 Annual Report, and enjoy this glimpse into the spirit of WYIS.

Our next Annual Report is due to be published in June 2021 and will include data from the 2020/2021 school year.