Welcome to WYIS

Thank you for your interest in Wuhan Yangtze International School. WYIS has grown immensely since opening our doors with just seven students in 2003. In this constantly-changing environment, the school has provided a place of stability and community for many international families, and I trust we can do the same for you.

Growing up in Haikou, China, and studying in Xiamen, I was pleased to move to Wuhan with my husband in 2012. I believe that a high-quality education in a safe and inclusive environment is essential for children who live outside their home country.

Please take some time to look through our website and become familiar with who we are and what we are about. My aim is to make the admissions process clear and straightforward so that you can experience a smooth transition into this community. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at admissions@wyischina.com. Let us know when you will be in Wuhan. We’d be delighted to give you a personalized school tour.

Jessica Han

Admissions Manager

A Step-By-Step Guide to Enrollment

WYIS has a rolling admissions policy and accepts applications for new students throughout the year. Once the application process is complete, we will notify you within one week about the admissions decision. While a visit to the school is not required, we hope that you can stop by to take a look around. Below are the steps necessary to complete the admissions process:

  • Discovery
    Come visit us, take a tour, and discover what makes WYIS such an incredible school.
  • Application
    — Start the process by completing the application and other forms in our admissions packet.
    — Compile records from all previous schools your child has attended.
    — Complete the application process by submitting all required forms and previous school records, as well as providing us with proof of your expat status.
  • Assessment

    — We'll schedule a time for your child in ECC3 through Kindergarten to take their Readiness Assessment.

    — Students entering grades 1 through 12 will take an assessment called Measures of Academic Progress. English language assessments will also be administered as needed.

  • Enrollment

    — Once your child's assessment has been reviewed, we'll make a decision for enrollment within 3-5 school days.

  • Welcome to WYIS

Book a Visit

Ready to come check us out? We would love to have you visit.

Admissions Policies


When applying to our Early Childhood Center (3, 4, or Kindergarten), students must be 3, 4, or 5 years old respectively by September 30 of the enrollment year. Students will be evaluated by the teacher to determine school readiness.

Grade 1

Students applying to Grade 1 must be 6 years old by September 30 of the enrollment year. Students must demonstrate a basic level of learning aptitude and skills, and they will be given an assessment. Final approval will be determined by the departmental principal.

Grades 2 through 12

In addition to assessments, we also require two years of academic records. Final approval is determined by the departmental principal.

WYIS considers the following essential to admission

— Adequacy in the English language or agreement by parents to follow the WYIS language acquisition policy and procedures.

— A basic level of educational aptitude and skills, determined by assessment, interview, and educational records.

— Per Chinese law, the school is unable to enroll children who are citizens of the People’s Republic of China.

Waiting List

In the event that a student is offered a seat but the class is full, the family can remain on a waiting list. The capital fee is required in order to secure a spot on the waiting list, which can be refunded any time the family removes the student from the list. The waiting list is active until the end of the current school year. Enrollment is based on a first-come basis, but in the event of close submissions, priority is given to children of WYIS staff, siblings of current WYIS students, and students with higher levels of English abilities, in that respective order.

Parents’ Presence

We believe that parents are ultimately responsible for the education of their children. Cooperation between the school and the home is necessary to ensure that students reach their fullest potential. As a result, and in the best interest of the student, WYIS has established the following guidelines concerning residency of parents:  At least one parent or guardian must have full-time residency in Wuhan or a nearby community. Guardians are only permitted to function in lieu of parents in unusual circumstances, with the permission of the school administration.

Special Needs

WYIS strives to provide an excellent education to all students, supporting each individual’s needs. As such, it is vital that we understand the specific needs of the student, in order to prepare and teach effectively. WYIS asks that parents inform the school if there are any known learning disabilities. It is important that WYIS confirms the ability to meet the needs of those with disabilities prior to admissions. In some situations, the school may not have the resources necessary for successful learning.   In these instances, parental communication will take place regarding if admissions is possible or how to obtain the needed resources.


The school does not discriminate on the basis of race/ethnic origin or gender in its admissions or in any school programs.

Tuition & Fees

Registration Fee

New Students (payable upon registration)

1,500 ¥

Capital Fee

New Students (payable upon registration)

— ECC3, ECC4, ECC5

2,500 ¥

— Grade 1 through Grade 12

10,000 ¥

Returning Students (if paid by June 1)

— ECC3, ECC4, ECC5

2,500 ¥

— Grade 1 through Grade 12

5,000 ¥


ECC3 — Option 1 (Monday, Wednesday, & Friday mornings)

30,000 ¥

ECC3 — Option 2 (Monday, Wednesday, & Friday full day)

61,000 ¥

ECC4 — Option 1 (Monday through Friday mornings)

61,000 ¥

ECC4 — Option 2 (Monday through Friday full day)

96,000 ¥


96,000 ¥

Grades 1 through 5

171,000 ¥

Grades 6 through 8

179,000 ¥

Grades 9 & 10

181,000 ¥

Grades 11 & 12

184,000 ¥


(if applicable)

Grades 1 through 12

7,500 ¥


When was Wuhan Yangtze International School (WYIS) established?

WYIS began operations in 2003 with the express purpose of educating the children of expatriate families who live and work in Wuhan.

How is WYIS accredited?

WYIS is fully accredited by AdvancED Worldwide, the world’s largest school accreditation agency, and the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI).

What qualifications do WYIS teachers have?

All full-time classroom teachers are certified professionals in their areas of instruction. See the staff page on this website for more information.

Where do WYIS teachers come from?

The majority of our teachers are from the U.S., though we do have teachers and staff from other parts of the world.

What standards does WYIS follow?

The WYIS curricula follows International Schools of China (ISC) standards of education developed from American national and/or state standards.

How International is WYIS?

The school’s student body represents 25 countries and regions of the world and at least 10 separate language groups.

What are the main nationalities represented at WYIS?

Students represent over 25 nationalities. Up to 30% are Korean; French, American, and Japanese make up the majority of the remaining student body.

Where do most WYIS students live?

WYIS families live in a wide spread area throughout Wuhan, including Wuchang, Hankou, and Hanyang. Due to the size of Wuhan, the majority of families choose to live in the Wuhan Economic Development Zone (WEDZ) of Hanyang, where the school is located.

Does WYIS provide busing?

We provide busing for families living in certain areas. The busing accommodates most of our after-school activities. We are not always able to provide door-to-door service, but we try our best to provide a safe and convenient solution.

Do WYIS students wear a uniform?

Yes. Students are required to wear a school uniform, which can be purchased at the school. Look here for more details.

What is your school calendar?

Our school year generally begins the third week of August and finishes the first week of June. Please click here to see the Calendar for 2015-16.

Are parents encouraged to be involved at the school?

Yes! Our Parent Teacher Organization involves parents in school activities and functions. Parents play an invaluable role in organizing special events and fundraisers for our students, and parents are always welcome to volunteer their time and talents in helping out with these special events.

How can I apply?

Families begin the application process by completing the application forms here.

When should I apply?

As soon as you know you are relocating to Wuhan. WYIS has rolling admissions, which means that we accept students throughout the school year. We encourage you to start your application process early to ensure a smooth transition into the school. We accept applications nine months prior to the date of entry.

How can we make an appointment to see the school?

Please contact us to arrange an appointment. We look forward to showing you around our school.

Is there a deadline for submitting my application?

No, as we have a rolling admissions policy. We strongly suggest, however, that applications be completed three months prior to entry in order to avoid waiting lists.

How long does it normally take before I know if my child has been offered a place at WYIS?

Once we have received all of the documentation that we ask for in our application process, we will schedule an assessment. Upon completion of the assessment, you will be notified within five school days.

Does my child have to join WYIS on a specific date - the beginning of the school year, for example?

No. It is possible for a child to begin school as soon as the admissions process is completed and a place has been offered. The Admissions office will contact you with the specific starting date.

Do we need to come to WYIS for an assessment?

Yes, we require all students to have an assessment. For student in ECC3 and ECC4, this is a readiness assessment with one of our ECC teachers. Kindergarten will also take a computer-based assessment. Grades 1 through 10 are required to take a computer-based assessment.

Do you have a waiting list for students who wish to be enrolled at WYIS?

Not usually. However, as WYIS continues to develop, waiting lists are becoming more common among the younger grades. Due to the transient nature of WYIS families, there is always a strong chance that a place may become available.

Does my child need to be fluent in English to attend WYIS?

Non-English speaking students will receive assistance from our language acquisition department. The specialists in this group work with students both in small groups and on an individual basis. English language support is available for all grade levels from the primary school through grade nine in secondary.

What is the minimum age?

Applicants for ECC3 must turn three by September 30. Applicants for Grade 1 must turn six by September 30.

Does WYIS accept students with special learning needs?

At WYIS we are committed to seeing that every student has an opportunity to learn and grow. In most cases, needs are able to be met by the classroom teacher, possibly with the use of some individualized assistance or (diversified lesson plans) curriculum modification. We are willing to discuss the needs of each child and determine if we have the necessary resources needed for success. In certain cases, we may be able to offer one-to-one assistance. We are unable to provide support for students with significant learning disabilities. If you are aware that your child has a learning disability, you must notify the school before starting the application process.

In what circumstances is the application fee refunded?

None. The application fee covers the cost of the application process, and the fee is necessary regardless of the outcome of the application.

What is the Capital Fee?

Such a fee is standard in most international schools and separates the cost of the actual teaching from the cost of the larger construction and refurbishment projects. As such, the capital fee funds all significant expenses, such as buildings and capital assets.

What curriculum does the School offer?

WYIS offers an American curriculum. Our oldest students may elect to take Advanced Placement (AP) courses in a wide range of subjects, and they will also take the SATs in Grade 11 and/or Grade 12. ACT exams are also available. We do not offer the IB program.

What degree do graduates earn from WYIS?

All graduates from WYIS earn a high school diploma recognized by the North Central States Association of Colleges and Schools and Advanced Ed.

How does WYIS prepare students for university?

WYIS students are provided a rigorous and comprehensive preschool through Grade 12 college preparatory education. The high school offers a wide range of Advanced Placement (AP®) courses including, but not limited to Calculus AB, English Language and Composition, Chemistry, Comparative Government, Physics, and Statistics.

Does WYIS offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses?

Yes, WYIS has an AP program in High School.

What world languages are offered at WYIS?

All students in ECC3 to Grade 10 not attending ESL classes take Chinese as the second language. Students may continue to take Chinese after Grade 10, if they choose.

What college entrance exams does WYIS offer?

WYIS is an official College Board School and ACT® testing center offering ACT, SAT, PSAT, and Advanced Placement examinations. These are available only to WYIS students.

Can WYIS graduates attend universities anywhere in the world?

Recent graduates from WYIS have been accepted in colleges and universities in the USA, UK, Korea, Switzerland, Japan, Canada, and the PRC. We encourage parents to contact universities in their home country to inquire about the requirements for admissions.

What are integrated social studies units?

Integrated units provide our elementary students with a broad worldview by including subjects such as social studies, science, and world literature, in combination with the teaching of reading and writing skills. Units cover ancient civilizations, Chinese dynasties, and a variety of countries and/or geographical regions. Units focus on achievements by mankind, character development, and historical events that impacted the world. An activity or field trip to enrich the students’ experience is incorporated with each unit.

What activities are available outside the classroom?

WYIS offers an after-school competitive sports program, as well as an array of extracurricular activities for students interested in art, dance, film, theater, baking, and more.

Wuhan Yangtze International School

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