Safe and Strong - November 18

The world health and travel situation has increased expectations around health and safety in our community. Mask wearing has become common in classrooms. Student temperature checks are reported twice a day. Rooms are ventilated for at least 30 minutes twice a day, and our Operations and Student Support Teams are looking into new technology to update our clean air system.

Overall we consider safety as not only pandemic related. We also want to continue conversation about the ways we are working to strengthen our community against all risks that impact learning.
Principals and the school operations and safety teams consider how likely a crisis or incident will be to occur and how large the impact could be. We consider risks such as weather, injury and illness. From this audit, we design role-plays to help students learn what to do in emergencies, how to ask for help, how to remain calm.

All-school fire and lock-down drills run once a semester. We check communication with local hospitals, the fire department and other bureaus. Training is built into the curriculum so students are empowered to speak up if they sense a situation is unsafe. We continue to develop virtual learning options so students can grow their responsibility and independence to advance their learning anywhere.

Tomorrow is unknown, and safety planning is essential for a strong school and community.

Written By Erika Carlson

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