Stampede Hunger Food Drive


Stampede Hunger Food Drive is a week-long event where all students and staff compete to see who can bring in the most food to help the hungry in Wuhan. The food drive begins on Wednesday, November 27 and ends on Wednesday, December 4. The competition is based on classes bringing in packages of food.

A package consists of one bag of rice, one bottle of oil, and one pack of noodles. Each package should cost no more than 100 RMB. (Rice should be 5kg per bag, oil should be 1.8L per bottle, and noodles should be 1kg per bag. There are no brand or type requirement for any of these.)

There are three groups - ECC, Elementary, and Secondary - and one winner from each group. Classes compete against one another within each group.

  • For ECC and elementary, students should bring food to their classrooms.
  • For secondary, we will have stations set up at school entrances where students can drop off their food packages.

Event leaders will record amounts received each day. The winners in each group are simply those classes that bring in the most packages of food by December 4. Winners will receive a Super Ice-Cream Buffet during lunch time one day after the event. Again, there are three winners -- one from ECC, one from Elementary, and one from Secondary.

We are coordinating with a local food bank on this event, using their direction on how we can be most helpful.