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I’m glad you’re here and would personally like to invite you to poke and prod around the site to learn more about what makes this exciting community unique.

Growing up in Canada and studying in America, I first arrived in Wuhan with my wife, Kristin, in 2007. We began teaching at WYIS back when it was still called South Lake International School, which at the time had about 70 students. Much has changed since then both personally and professionally. At home, I now have three children (Leah, Joshua, and Philip) growing up alongside WYIS, which continues to see significant growth and development in educational effectiveness. It is a pleasure to learn and grow in this environment.

One accreditation member, during a site visit to the school, noted that there is something “unquantifiably good” in this community — I wholeheartedly agree. Teachers here are highly qualified. They represent diversity, hailing from many different countries and international educational experiences. Each comes to Wuhan to care for the holistic needs of individual children.

Students at WYIS have the opportunity to learn about many disciplines in a diverse, interactive, and cooperative classroom setting that prepares kids for their future. We value and stress the importance of education but also work to help develop students of positive character and encourage them to use their talents to benefit other people through fun and engaging experiences.

I trust that you will quickly recognize and appreciate the excellent community that we have here in Wuhan as much as I do. Your child will be well cared for, will learn and experience much, and will be well prepared for the future ahead.

Jeff Kingma

WYIS Head Principal

School Overview

Wuhan Yangtze International School (WYIS) provides a respected education for Pre-K through Grade 12 expatriate children. WYIS implements an American-based curriculum with an international focus using English as the main language of instruction. Through rigorous coursework, we effectively prepare students for university life in many areas of the world and beyond.

Founded in 2003 with seven students, WYIS has expanded to over 200 students today. Serving more than 35 nations and territories around the globe demonstrates the value of diversity within the school environment. There is also a strong partnership between the school and parents that allows for effective student learning.

WYIS challenges students to build a solid foundation by critical thinking, group work, and a diverse offering of studies. An emphasis on character development is present throughout the school, and students are challenged to consider their own gifts and talents and how they can impact the world around them.

History & Mission

Beginning in 2003, South Lake international School (SLIS) opened with seven students in Wuchang. Within two years, SLIS moved to a more spacious campus in the WEDZ within San Jiao Hu Elementary School. By 2007, SLIS changed its name to Wuhan Yangtze International School (WYIS). In 2008, WYIS received full accreditation status and in 2011 its official international school license from the national government of the PRC. Partnering with the WEDZ government, the new campus construction began in 2012 with school beginning in the new campus in January 2014. WYIS’ diverse community has come from more than 35 countries and territories around the globe during its history.

WYIS’ mission is to educate the whole child socially, spiritually, intellectually, physically, and emotionally to become a dynamic individual of truth and excellence who positively contributes to society. As such, a variety of opportunities are provided for students both inside and outside of the classroom. WYIS also believes that parental involvement is a key indicator of successful learning.


Wuhan Yangtze International School prepares students for higher learning with challenging and supportive standards-based curriculum. Our academic program is designed with research-based tools and methods to help students become dynamic individuals of truth and excellence. The academic learning environment caters to meet the needs of all students. Students are encouraged to succeed in small, interactive classes where they can receive targeted and individualized instruction. Teachers use hands-on learning activities, field trips, and classroom projects to support student learning. WYIS is an excellent choice for parents committed to post-secondary preparation.

Campus Location & Highlights

WYIS is located on a purpose-built campus. The facilities include an academic building, performing arts center, and sports complex. The academic building consists of 28 large classrooms, a spacious library with break-out rooms, two fully-equipped science labs, and two art studios. The self-contained Early Childhood Center (ECC) consists of large rooms with direct access to the outdoor play area and in-room, bathroom facilities. Students enjoy a completely climate-controlled indoor environment. Outdoor spaces include separate ECC and elementary playgrounds, basketball courts, weight room, and a full-size, natural turf soccer pitch. The sports center includes a full-size indoor gymnasium.

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What Others Have to Say

Since being @ WYIS, our son’s social skills have really improved. He’s learned to cooperate and actively participate in class; he feels comfortable and accepted among his peers and teachers, even as a non-native English speaker. We’re very pleased with this new confidence in him and great improvement in his social outlook. We are all big fans of WYIS!



My two young boys were thrilled to attend school the first day the could in the new building. They have more space to learn and play, eat and create, imagine and inquire. Their excitement remains to this day, and now their little brother can be part of the school community on the new campus this year.

We love the new campus. The larger classrooms facilitate a quieter environment as well as giving more space for small group collaboration opportunities. In addition, the improved sports facilities have really improved the quality of the practice times & provided more opportunities to grow.

Wuhan Yangtze International School

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