Outside the Classroom

The best learning is active and engaged. It can be found in ordinary places. Take our open gym nights or our elementary dance troupe practices, for example. These activities energize students and help them to see the holistic connections between mind, body, and spirit. Activities outside the classroom are not merely add-ons to the core curriculum. They are a continuous enrichment, a way to sustain and deepen learning.

Student Leadership

We believe each child has leadership potential. Each can lead in a unique way. From being a line leader in an ECC class to a teacher helper in an elementary class, students are encouraged to take responsibility and model good behavior. Secondary students are given further leadership roles with opportunities to explore their entrepreneurial interests and to get involved in real world community.

Student Council

In our vibrant and diverse Middle and High School Student Council, students elect peer representatives for roles such as Chairperson, Treasurer, and Marketing Director. Student Council members reflect our school’s diversity. They’re the voice of our student population. Recognizing a need outside of our community, Student Council recently put forward a plan to bring the school together toward a larger vision. Raising money and awareness for this school service project through fundraising events like Jiao Wars, student leaders learned precious skills in organization, decision-making, financial management, and negotiation.

Team Captains

We focus on team sports because we believe that they are best for building character and unity among students. Within each organized sport played at our school — volleyball, basketball, and soccer – there is a separate High School and Middle School Team, each with its own Team Captain. As role models and leaders, team captains model good sportsmanship and play at their best. Through sports training and competitions, students who participate in team sports here learn valuable lessons on perseverance, hard work, sportsmanship, sacrifice, and excellence.

Student Award Winners



Athletics are a valuable part of our program here at WYIS. We begin athletics at the elementary level for Grades 3-5. Every Friday after school, high school students volunteer to help develop elementary student sport abilities. Students have a model and an athletic mentor while learning about teamwork and the fundamentals of each sport.

Middle School

The middle school years are steps of preparing more skillful and organized athletic procedure for students. We promote physical fitness through varied, functional movements, performed at high and low intensity. Athletic teams compete with local Chinese schools and end each season with an international school tournament.

High School

High school athletics is the peak level of competition in volleyball, basketball, and soccer. Teams compete with local schools and at two international school tournaments around China. Weight training, gymnastics drills, and endurance conditioning to allow them to develop to their highest athletic potential.

Service Learning


We are committed to making intentional connections with our community both in and around Wuhan and worldwide. By engaging in partnerships, we become better problem solvers. We learn to be generous and grateful. We work for positive change. Coming up with a new idea in class is just the beginning. Next, students put their ideas to action.


The Philippines trip is one of the best places to learn about love in action. Students broaden their attitude toward their “neighbor” when partnering with Kids International Ministries and two other ISC schools to bring hope to struggling communities. It’s a trip about expanding worldviews to include the hungry and the orphan. It’s for those who hunger for change, who desire to make new friends and to serve others.


Personal growth. Cultural immersion. Service and sharing. During our annual trip to Yunnan province, high school students connect with local minority groups in China. Through farming and building projects, students do life alongside a different group of people for a short time, deepening their understanding of cultural beliefs and practices while growing in an understanding of their Creator, their world, and themselves.

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The Arts


Choir at WYIS gives students a chance to celebrate the diversity and culture represented at our school. It works with a wide selection of music from around the world, culminating into 4-5 performances throughout the year. Our choir performs musical pieces varied in style, difficulty, and even in language—exposing students to the sound of other cultures and developing them musically to understand, appreciate, and perform those works.

Wuhan Troupe

Elementary kids like to move. They like to dance. They like to jump around on stage. That’s what Wuhan Troupe is all about. Students in kindergarten through grade 2 learn how to have fun with physical exercise and to express themselves through dance. Come move to uplifting and encouraging music. Share the fun with the whole school community through various performances throughout the year.


Yearbook designers are the school’s storytellers. These students put their creativity to work as they learn technical skills like taking and editing photographs, craft the yearbook’s theme, design templates, and then put it all together as one final product of professional quality. The elective is offered for grades 9-12.

& So Much More

Fall Camp

This engaging weekend retreat for secondary students builds community and encourages teamwork. It features games, wacky songs, focus group discussions, and challenge activities. Hike to a waterfall and lounge with some new friends on a sunny afternoon. Name every student in grades 6-12 and get to eat dinner first. And don’t miss out on glow in the dark capture the flag. It’s epic.

Model United Nations

As a member of the Model United Nations, high school students learn differing perspectives on current events. Students gain an extensive understanding of their assigned country’s politics, economics, demographics, history, and the intricacies of their chosen real world issue. MUN develops skills in research, writing, rhetoric and argument, and collaboration. Students willing to prepare well for a tournament may find themselves winning a Best Delegate award; and they will certainly walk away a more influential and globally focused leader.

Science Fair

Science Fair at WYIS provides secondary students with an opportunity to showcase their science and research skills and present them in a professional setting. Local winners are selected by a panel of qualified judges, and the top two high school winners have the opportunity to compete with other ISC schools in Chengdu at the INTEL science fair. Students grow through Science Fair as they practice their science and research skills, communicate their projects, become more creative and curious, and take responsibility throughout a process of complexity.

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