In the Swing of Summer - August 12

5 days, 51 students, 21 teachers, and 1 epic water fight. Summer Program: Reunion 2020 was a hit!

Wanting to hear from our audience, we asked for feedback from a few students and parents. Maria D. (grade 7) said that the program was “eventful and fun,” and “it felt good to see friends and teachers again. Although I lost a lot of energy since I wasn’t used to being with people for so long, I still loved it and can’t wait till I see them all during real school."

Grade 1 student Lucy’s mom reflected on Summer Program in a similar way. She said the program was very good and that her child was happy to get to see her classmates. Additionally, when asked her impression of the school now, she commented, “I feel it’s all familiar to me, like we are back to normal school life. I can see that the school is doing its best and doing a lot for the children.”

We enjoyed sharing Summer Program: Reunion 2020 with our families in Wuhan. Looking forward to our bigger reunion when we see you ALL someday soon.

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August 12, 2020