The Election - November 4

Well, not THAT election. We’re talking about StuCo! StuCo elections were last week and the results are in! Below are StuCo leaders for the 2020/2021 school year.

• President: Jedi K.
• Vice President: Claire L.
• Finance: Jean L.
• Publications: Jim Y.
• Secretary: Emma H.

StuCo, short for Student Council, is a group of high school students elected by the secondary student body and sponsored by staff. StuCo helps represent the student body, plans activities for the students, and creates opportunities for students to be leaders within the school community.

StuCo president Jedi commented, “For a long time my parents have been asking me to join StuCo. [Others] have been telling me that our class has so much leadership potential and that we all work well together. Returning to school after Covid, we realized that the time we have together is special. So it was important to join StuCo…and create memories while we still can.”

Some things to look forward to this year from StuCo are more events and activities. Vice President Claire comments that she “hopes to serve students by creating a fun environment for them to engage with each other.”

We look forward to seeing great things from StuCo this year. Congratulations, leaders!

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November 4, 2020