STINKY Tofu Challenge

The STINKY Tofu Challenge. Started from a way to raise money for Hope for Haiti, staff, students, and friends are challenged to eat STINKY tofu and donate to the cause. Every bit of these funds will go directly to two organizations working directly in Haiti to provide food, water, housing, and jobs for people in need.

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Watch Videos Below

Catherine Tian & Christina Watson
Challenges: Laura Sauer, Lynn Younker

William Hatten
Challenges: Christina Watson, Chien Ooi, Catherine Tian

Yuri Quiaoit
Challenges: William Hatten, Samuel Fennema

Kaylin Lee
Challenges: Yuri Quiaoit, Liza Uchida

Dr. Chris Rehm
Challenges: Kaylin Lee, Josh Keegan, Martin Klopper

Karl Dawson
Challenges: Dr. Chris Rehm, Jojo Xiao