Start Tracking Today

It’s a great day in Wuhan! As you may have read in recent news, schools in Wuhan might begin on-campus learning as soon as September 1. In order to make that happen, WYIS must meet certain requirements and make specific preparations. Below are requirements every student must meet before being able to return to campus:

Location is Everything.

If you are not in Wuhan yet, please come back ASAP! Before you can return to school on campus, you must be in Wuhan for 14 days and show a 14-day record of temperature and health tracking.

Already in Wuhan?

Start tracking today. Write down your child’s temperature 3 times each day – morning, noon, and evening. Within the next two days, we will send instructions for how to log into the COVID-19 Log on PowerSchool. This online tracking log will make simple work out of tracking temperatures and health information. In the meantime, start writing down your child’s temperatures today. When the COVID-19 Log is ready, we will publish information to you, and you’ll be able to back-date those entries.

In the meantime, locate your Parent login for PowerSchool. For problems with your PowerSchool login and password, please email for help.

Although we have already started learning online, we remain eager to start school in person as soon as possible. So please return to Wuhan if you’re away, and start tracking your child’s temperature today.