Science Is All Around Us - December 11

The WYIS 2020 High School Science Fair was inspiring! We had the largest turnout of students, parents, and staff visit the fair than any year prior, and the student projects were amazing! Here’s a recap of awards:

• 1st place: Claudia L
• 2nd place: Shawn K.
• 3rd Place: Bo W.

Honorable Mentions go to Leo Uchida, Hyerin N., and Luke D.

Let’s talk about these outstanding projects and the students who created them.

1st place winner Claudia is only in 10th grade, but her project, which shows how the compound melittin works on breast cancer cells, is already at a collegiate level. Claudia has a strong interest in science and is looking to enter the field of biochemistry one day. Mr. Fisher commented Claudia wrote about things she hasn’t even taken courses for yet; but she likes to push herself above and beyond just what she has to do. Those are great qualities!

2nd place winner Shawn presented on a “hot topic and viable thing right now,” according to Mr. Fisher, BPA in plastics. What happens when you heat up plastic containers? How many contaminates get into the contents based on the type of plastic that’s in the container? These are experiments Shawn explored. In the end he proved that certain types of plastic do add chemicals, some much more so than others.

We are grateful to our brilliant and qualified judges: Dr. Sara Platto, Steve Carpenter, Holly Chen, and Fahad Raza

Mr. Fisher’s hope is to get students interested in science from an early age. “From the things that we eat to how the world runs, science is all around us. We take for granted these things – assuming science is a classroom thing, but science is happening around us all the time,” Mr. Fisher emphasized.

Congratulations, Claudia, Shawn, Bo, all every student who participated in this year’s Science Fair. We’re proud of you all

December 11, 2020