Re-United - September 16

It feels like a welcome home party every other day at WYIS, as we’re seeing more and more students and teachers return. This past week we welcomed home 9 of our teachers/staff! Here’s what a few of them had to say:

“On September 13, we finished our quarantine in Guangzhou, China. For the past 7 months, we have been living in Hershey, Pennsylvania. While we were there, Mr. Strother picked up some interesting hobbies, like taking care of the chickens at the house and starting a compost bin! Mrs. Strother spent her free time quilting and cooking new dishes. Together, we enjoyed being outdoors; we often went hiking and we played croquet together every day after lunch. We enjoyed these new hobbies, but we are so thankful to be back with our community at WYIS!” Amber & Jake Srother (ELS & Grade 4 Teacher)

On her way home from Tianhe airport, Bailey Yates (Grade 2 Teacher) remarked, “Even just riding down the highway and seeing all the signs in Chinese was so comforting. I’m relieved and elated all at the same time to be back in a country not my own, but where I am welcomed home. It’s good to be back”
“The last 8 months has been quite an adventure trying to return home to Wuhan. Through all the highs and lows, I am overjoyed to be finally returning home again to my WYIS and Wuhan community.” Rianna Vinzani (EC 4 Teacher)

Chien Ooi (EC 3 Teacher) wrote, “Woohoo, after 8 months of waiting and 1 month of preparation/quarantine, I am finally back in Wuhan, China! All the welcoming smiles and glimpses of Wuhan and WYIS made the journey worthwhile! For those in Wuhan, what a happy reunion! For those waiting to return, we’re waiting for you! See you soon! #somedaysooninWuhan”

Welcome back also to Sarah Reese (G6 teacher), Sandra & Steve Carpenter, and Irene Kim. We’re thrilled to see each of our community members return! Before too long, someday soon in Wuhan, we will all be re-united.

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September 16, 2020