Purposeful Leading - March 3

What defines a good leader? What are the responsibilities of a leader? Who can be a leader? WYIS Student Council (StuCo) considered these questions during their recent StuCo leadership retreat. At the retreat, StuCo leaders partnered with their teacher advisors to devise a plan for meeting student needs and encouraging community in the student body. They plan to focus more this year on listening to and supporting the student body. Read below to hear from StuCo leadership about what they learned from this experience.

Jedi K. (President): “Leadership is a far more complex subject than I had initially perceived it to be. I learned that leadership should be passed down, and I, along with the rest of StuCo, am responsible for providing students with opportunities to develop their own leadership skills.”

Jean L. (Finance Director): “As a team we learned each other’s strengths and weaknesses, along with how to help one another both grow and serve the student body to the best of our abilities…now all refreshed and feeling more connected, we have set our eyes to focus on how we can best serve [WYIS] students even better, from this point onward.”

Emma H. (Secretary): “With our newly obtained knowledge about leadership and the role we play in serving the student body, we hope that we can continue to better our school’s community in the remaining months of the school year.”

Jim Y. (Publications Director): “I enjoyed learning about our characteristics as leaders. By understanding our common weaknesses and strengths, I believe that we realized what we must do to improve our performance as Student Council.”

Claire L. (Vice President): “Something very memorable for me was that I learned that our job is not simply leading, but instead we should help the other StuCo members to become future leaders…Overall, it was a fun and new experience.”

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March 3, 2021