Online Champions

While starting school online can have many challenges, today we are sharing the success stories. Two weeks ago, we distributed over 250 School Start Kits to help students prepare for online learning. Here are some stories and photos depicting how online learning is going from the parent’s perspective.

Yunjia C. (Brian’s Mom)
“Sometimes our lunch time overlaps with the course. In the past, Brian ate lunch very slowly. But after the online course begins, when it's nearly 13:00, Brian always makes sure to finish his lunch so that he won't miss the class. I'm so glad to see him becoming more and more self-regulated because of the online courses. That's definitely an extra bonus! Again, thank you for making the online course fun, educational, and interactive!”

Autumn M.
“Successful first week in ECC, Lower El, and Middle School for the M. crew. Hope to be back in the building soon!”

Vicky S. (Roy’s mom)
“Roy (G6) had been so excited to be a middle schooler, and finally it was the first day of secondary. Online classes were really well organized and well prepared. Everything went well and Roy really enjoyed the first week,” mom Vicky expressed. Roy added, “I really like being a middle schooler, it’s so cool.”

Nina’s Mom
Nina’s mom expressed how online learning can be challenging for parents who can’t be available to support their younger children. Grade 5 Nina found ways to demonstrate compassion and service as she helped her younger brother with his learning. Mom noted, “I’m so glad my 10-year-old daughter can finish her assignments independently. After that, she helped her little brother to know the online courses well and told him how to submit homework. She has been very patient and organized. I was really moved at that moment.”

We are glad to hear and see that students and parents are learning well this past week. Everyone is truly an online champion! Do you have any success stories that you would like to share? Please send photos and stories to