Music to Our Ears, Emily is Here!

Three cheers and a hip hip hooray—Emily Calder has arrived at WYIS! After a year of courage, persistence, and many Zoom meetings, WYIS' new choir teacher is finally on campus and ready to sing.

Emily Calder spent her childhood in Zambia and teenage years in the United States. She has traveled to Australia, New Zealand, parts of Europe, Canada, and a few different countries in Southern Africa. She loves living in an international community and connecting with those around her.

Emily received her BA in Vocal Music Performance and a TEFL from Oklahoma Christian University. On her first day on campus, Emily said, “I am very excited to be at WYIS, but it still feels like a dream. After seeing everyone online for a full year then seeing people in person, it is just so surreal. I am so thrilled to be here. I am grateful for the WYIS music program, where we get to introduce music theory to students of all ages. Music has been such an important part of my life. It was transformative when I was in middle school when I discovered I could sing and had a passion for music. Every opportunity I had to improve my singing, I would take it! So I am excited to be able to teach and see students who share a similar love for music. Music brings many people together and no matter the culture, it can unite different cultures together."

We know that Emily will do great at WYIS, teaching and bringing communities together with music. We are excited to gain a new Water Buffalo!