More Than Books - November 25

Colorful! Spacious! Welcoming! These are just a few words to describe our campus library. This week we wanted to share with you what makes our library so special. Our library is especially unique because it is a bridge between a school and community library that provides library classes to the students at WYIS.

1. Every elementary grade has a library class
From ECC3 to Grade 5, students go to the library for class every week. During library class students learn about information literacy, finding things in the library, internet safety, and the importance of reputable information. Information literacy is being able to find the information that is needed. This includes figuring out what is already known, what information is needed, how to conduct research, reading, and writing skills. With younger ECC students they have guided research, and learn about story elements.

2. Everyone can visit the library during the proper hours
Parents can check out books to read with their children but they also can check out books for their own interests.

3. Library provides resources, in-person and online
With almost 12,000 library books and some even in other languages, there is a book for everyone! There are also good online resources that our library provides: PebbleGo, Britannica School, and JSTOR. Between these databases and the other links the library provides, you can read or do research anywhere, even during quarantine.

4. Parent volunteer opportunities
Library volunteers are an important part of the library team, they help with checking books in and out, keep the shelves organized, and various other projects. If you are a parent with English skills, consider signing up to volunteer at the library! For more information, please email Ms. Carter and Mrs. Tang at

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