Modern Problem Solvers - March 24

Robots may never fully take over the world, but one day our robotics students might. That’s why WYIS offers programs beyond the typical textbook-classroom setup. We invest fully in helping our students think for themselves and become creative and resourceful problem solvers. Our Robotics program plays a key role in this, contributing to our vision to build servant leaders who change the world.
All WYIS students can participate in Robotics, where they learn valuable problem-solving skills through coding and programming robots.
Coding simply means putting commands into a program to tell your robot what to do. Robotics teacher Aldwin Lauron outlines the 3 levels of coding we teach:

1) High Schoolers code through text using java script.
2) Middle school and upper elementary students learn block coding
3) Early Childhood Center (ECC) students use drawing coding

Currently, WYIS offers Robotics classes for various grade levels using the VEX Curriculum and resources:
• High School - VEX V5
• Middle School - VEX IQ
• Elementary - VEX Go
• ECC Students use Lego Coding Express

In the ECC and elementary (3 yr olds through Grade 5), kids work individually and in teams to draw on an iPad into a program that tells their Sphero robot where to go. ECC students also code through a Lego product called Coding Express. Coding Express is a train with tracks that have programming built in.

In each case, the students are in charge of the coding and making the decisions. As in life, however, things may not always work out as planned. So students set to the important task and the point of it all: problem solving.
Once students hit middle and high school, programming gets more sophisticated, as students build and program robots and even get to showcase their learning by competing with other schools’ robotics programs.

This weekend, WYIS will host a robotics tournament with several other schools in China. The event is virtual and live streamed on Facebook, but our 5th floor Robotics Lab will be beeping as our Robotics teams work together to present their best.
Well done, students. Though you may not take over the world one day, we certainly hope you can help change it… for good.

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MarchMarch 24, 2021