Making Headlines - May 5

Courage. Curiosity. Connection. Purpose. Our elementary students demonstrated these great qualities--part of our iSC 9 traits—recently. Read below for more about elementary Easter adventures as well as getting published in a local newspaper.

First, our elementary department welcomed students from local San Jiao Hu elementary to join us at WYIS to celebrate and learn more about Easter. San Jiao Hu students brought Easter posters they created to give to our students, and their students partnered with ours to enjoy some activities like an Easter play and egg hunt. Elementary Principal Dr. Will Hatten described, “It was great to see the students from the two different schools learning and having fun together. We are looking forward to more opportunities to collaborate in the future.”

Also, WYIS’ 3rd grade class has been busy writing and even getting published. Grade 3 teachers both last year and this year assigned their students poem-writing exercises. Last year’s 3rd graders wrote poems about courage and living through the pandemic. This year’s 3rd graders wrote poems that describe Wuhan Now. A few of the recent poems were published by Chang Jiang Weekly, along with the students’ hand-drawn pictures. Jojo Xiao, Grade 3 teacher, remarked about the students and their poems: “The poems and drawings were created in the hope of capturing snapshots of the pandemic, remembering how people conquered COVID-19 in Wuhan, and encouraging people to continue fighting against COVID-19 around the world.”

WYIS is so proud of their students and teachers who make an impact on the community.

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May 5, 2021