Interview with Mr. Q



Mr. Q (Yuri Quaoit)
Well-being Counselor

What do you do at WYIS?
I am the well-being counselor here at WYIS, and my role is to help support students grow socially and emotionally. I have an active role greeting students in the mornings, sitting in classrooms, talking with students during lunch hours, teaching in elementary assemblies, walking the hallways, etc. I work with all students, EC3 through Grade 12.

How can you help my child?
There are so many ways I hope to help. Transition is a big one—whether it’s a new student transitioning here, students moving to a new grade, relationship changes, or other changes outside of school—I can help with the social struggles related to new beginnings.

I also help students learn how to handle stress and give them proper coping skills. I also help students develop their communication and social skills.
If a student needs a safe space to talk and guidance on a situation, I am here for them. I can help kids grow in their ability to sort out and process their emotions so they can solve problems independently in the future.

Some might feel embarrassed to see a counselor. Is a child in trouble if they have to go to you?
That’s a common misconception. My primary function is not disciplinary. I help students understand their reactions and behaviors while they’re in school. My hope for our students is that they are able to be able to communicate well, learn in a healthy manner, and have more positive relationships with others.

You’re a busy dad with 4 children. How has that prepared you for your role as counselor?
It’s taught me how to see eye-to-eye with students of all ages. Taking the time to pause and listen fully to children acknowledges their emotions and their concerns. I have learned a lot about patience and the importance of believing in the inherit goodness of others.

If you are a parent of a WYIS student and would like to schedule a meeting with Mr. Q (Yuri Quiaoit), please reach out to him at

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November 17, 2021