International Day! - May 19

With both rain and sunshine, International Day was filled with laughter, song, activities, and memories for everyone. On May 15, the WYIS community celebrated the diversity that makes WYIS a unique and special community.

International Day is a huge collaborative effort from the WYIS community, all eager to wear their country’s national clothing, cook their country’s foods, and show off their national pride in performances and activities.

Student Council (STUCO) also organized and operated its annual STUCO carnival. This is always a highlight for students to play games with others and have their chance at winning a prize.

One exciting addition to International Day was the inclusion of cultural activities. Event organizer Anna Malchow remarked, “I wanted to dive deeper beyond food and performances and learn more about other cultures this year. Through cultural activities, we can learn more from others and walk away with a physical reminder of International Day.” Activities ranged from costume dress-up photo booths, Dala horse coloring pages, corn hole pitches, and everything in between.

Also supporting International Day this year were several local vendors, including Modena, Hua Yuan Dao, Marka, Grace Gong Art, Chang Sheng Chuan, and LD Ballet.

Thank you, WYIS community, for a great celebration!

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May 19, 2021