Holiday Hope - December 18

On December 7, WYIS students and staff embarked on an adventure to collect toys, clothes, and books for children in our local community and in the Philippines. As of today, we have collected 3,445 items for the “Hope for the Holidays” drive, surpassing our original goal of 3000 items!

Grade 1 did exceptionally well. They surpassed their initial goal of 40 by bringing in 764 items. The other elementary classes and high school advisories also exceeded their given goal and will be rewarded a prize party held in January.

The 921 toys, 1227 clothes, and 1297 books will be split among a local school in Wuhan and communities in the Philippines. Six boxes will be delivered to the Philippines in January, and 20 secondary students will personally deliver the other boxes to the local school at the end of January.
We are thankful for all the student leaders that made this project possible: Jean L., the project leader; Irene K., the promotions leader; Pinky W., the collections leader; and Ellie S., the party leader. All were instrumental in the success of the project.

This student-led project aimed to give back to the community during this Christmas season, allowing students to become globally minded citizens through carrying out acts of kindness. The “Hope for the Holidays” drive would not have succeeded without the help of each WYIS student, teacher, and family. Thank you to everyone who participated!
Our hope to you this holiday is to have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

December 16, 2020
By Emma H.