High School Science Fair 2021

WYIS students were able to display their curiosity and persistence during last week’s High School Science Fair. After weeks of hard work and experimentation, secondary students presented their projects.

The overall purpose of a science fair is to get our students interested about science and instill in them the work ethic necessary to do research and produce quality experiments. All the skills they learn while working through their science fair projects are core skills they can take with them in every aspect of life. Whether it is researching a problem or idea, testing different variables to find workable solutions, or communicating their findings, these skills all translate in various forms to other things both inside and outside the classroom.
This year’s students rose to the challenge and produced some amazing projects. Each one immersed themselves into what scientists do every day and in doing so they have a better understanding of how research and testing work in science. I am extremely proud of all my students and the winners for all the hard work they put into these projects. Congratulations to the following Science Fair winners:

1st place: Yi Ran (Claudia) L.
Project name: Edaravone’s Neuroprotective Effect on the Infarct Volume and Neurological Deficit After Ischemia Reperfusion Injury in Mice

2nd place: Somang P. & Seo Jin (Jim) Y.
Project name: Teaching Machines to Read

3rd place: Nathan X.
Project name: Wastewater Hydroelectricity