Growing Scholars - January 13

Our campus has been happily humming this year with a new after-school program named Scholar’s Corner. Scholar’s Corner involves more than 30 of our students and has proven to be a win-win for students, parents, and teachers. Suzanne Johnson, English Language Support teacher and assistant facilitator of Scholar’s Corner, explains more below about this distinctive program.

Scholar's Corner is an after-school enrichment program for elementary, middle and high school students. Younger students, the scholars, benefit by completing homework assignments with the help of older students. Older students, the tutors, are able to explore supporting others while building skills and sharing knowledge.

Beyond supporting others, these tutors gain community service credits needed to build their student portfolio and complete their graduation requirements.

Students have said they like the snack time as they transition from their classrooms to the library, and they like helping each other. Parents have said they greatly appreciate having the additional option of in-school homework support. Teachers have mentioned, with students having extra support from peers, homework is being completed in a timelier and more thorough manner. Students, teachers, and parents are able to rely on this resource throughout the year as an additional support to academic achievement.

After more than a year in the planning, this program is now amplifying the district wide learning traits which include: purpose, curiosity, discernment, connection, compassion, courage, humility, service, and persistence. The WYIS approach to teaching these traits focuses on the power of healthy mindsets and choices to bring about personal growth and positive impact on others. This program hopes to continue and grow from semester to semester as an ongoing effort to better support the academic aspirations of the WYIS community and beyond.

The Scholar's Corner program is currently available by referral only; teachers recommend students to the program as either scholars or as tutors.
If you'd like to know more about Scholar's Corner, please contact Scholar's Corner Coordinator and Special Education teacher, Nicole Goff (

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January 13, 2021
By Suzanne Johnson