A Connected Christmas - December 16

One year ago, we performed our last WYIS Christmas program before the global pandemic gripped our city and we were separated by time zones, national borders, quarantines, and many miles. For months, we waited with longing and anticipation to return to Wuhan. Each of us faced fear and grief, but we plunged forward with hope - hope of returning and re-uniting.

Seeing all the students together on the stage with our community in the audience... that hope finally felt like reality to me. Months of connection via Canvas and Zoom have finally mostly ended, and we are back and sharing music, drama, and art together on the stage once again. What a magical experience! As the students were on the stage, I could not help but celebrate the amazing beauty of togetherness - To hear the music ringing in the auditorium; to see the students’ faces shine on the stage; to unite our voices in a sing-a-long; to share our talents; to open our hearts to the creativity of the arts; to applaud student growth in the midst of many obstacles. We are finally together again.

This year’s program, “A Connected Christmas,” represented more than just a performance to me. It represented victories of student learning that seemed almost impossible. It represented the connectedness of a community like never before. It represented the HOPE to overcome challenges. Through our Christmas program, my soul was fed with the beauty of the arts and the beauty of connection.

May we continue forward in hope, embracing connection and the arts in a world of unknowns. Thank you, Wuhan and WYIS, for your strong hope during this season.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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December 16, 2020
By Krista Pack