Adventures with Odyssey - January 20

WYIS students love to connect with students from other iSC schools. Odyssey, the student development office of iSC, helps students connect with one another and develop socially and emotionally. Read below to learn more about Odyssey and the creative ways they are supporting our students.

“Hello! My name is Abi Roy, and I am the Director of Odyssey, a department that works with all of the iSC schools, but is based here in WYIS.

Odyssey is the student development office of iSC, focusing specifically on students’ social and emotional development, because social-emotional health is key for success both in academics and in life. My staff and I speak in school Assemblies, work with schools on their practices and programming to help make sure that students are supported and enabled to grow, and lead various service and development trips, such as the Senior Departure Transition Seminar and last January’s service trip to Laos.

However, with the international service trip now happening every other year, and with many reduced travel options this year, what are we doing to support the outcome of “service” in students’ lives?

First, the iSC schools—including WYIS—are each building “service” into their discussions and curriculum with the iSC 9 outcomes. Students get to work on practicing service to people within their own cities, learning to see and meet the needs around them in day-to-day life.

Second, we are working with schools to re-frame “service” as something that happens more times on trips or around the holidays. Odyssey hosted a virtual student connection event last month, and the topic was “community and connection.” We discussed how we can practice “service” every day by caring for others and by reaching out to help friends and family around us.

Finally, we are looking ahead hopefully to a time when we will be able to travel and run service trips again. Right now, we are planning three separate, 10-day service trips to Yunnan and Sichuan provinces, that are planned to happen over the summer 2021 holiday. These trips are open to all high school students.

If you have further questions about Odyssey, or to inquire about the summer service trips, please contact me at”

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January 20, 2021
By Abi Roy