Potential School Start Delay

Dear Parents,

Due to the changing circumstances surrounding the spread of COVID-19 in Wuhan and specifically in Zhuankou, the Wuhan Education Bureau has not yet approved the WYIS school start date of August 10.

Once we have an approved school start date, we will let you know through our regular school communication channels: WeChat, email, and our website. Please review these channels daily to stay informed.

While we plan to communicate with you as soon as we have clear information, our next scheduled communication to you on this topic will be on Thursday, August 5. At that point, we will inform you whether or not we will have Open House on August 6.

We will continue to work with the Wuhan Education Bureau in order to offer more information when it becomes available, and we will inform the WYIS community once clear and reliable information is available.

If you have additional questions, please contact wyisoffice@wyischina.com.

Thank you.