Child Safety & Protection at WYIS

Here at WYIS we are committed to safeguarding children from harm. We work to provide an environment where students are safe from all forms of abuse and seek to be a safe place for students to get help if they experience harm.

We seek to do this through safe recruitment practices, regular training in Child Safety for all our staff and volunteers, Child Safety Policies, and by having two staff in the role of Child Safety Specialists. These staff undertake extra training to be able to respond to any Child Safety concerns raised.

Here are the WYIS Child Safety Specialists:

  • Alpha Balusdan, School Nurse (
  • Theresa Ma, Chinese Language Support (

If you have a question regarding our Child Safety policies or if you are concerned that a child may be experiencing harm, please contact either of these staff. They are here to help.

You can see more details about this topic and view our Child Safety Policy and Code of Conduct on the updated Child Safety Page of our website. We will be adding Child Safety resources, for you and your family, to this page in the months ahead - look out for updates coming soon.

Faith Yap – Director of Child Safety for iSC –****