Buffalo Weekly - October 23

School Calendar/Upcoming Events

October 25 - Parent Workshop: Understanding MAP Reports
November 4 - Parent Workshop: College Prep for 11/12 Graders
November 6 - Parent/Teacher Conferences (NO SCHOOL)
November 8 - Parent Workshop: College Prep for 9/10 Graders
November 13: Half Day of School (Staff Professional Development)
November 14-15: NO SCHOOL (Staff Professional Development)
November 23: International Day


News & Events at WYIS


Reports from September's MAP Testing are now available in DocBox on PowerSchool. Please log in to your PowerSchool Parent Portal to view your child's report.

Now that you have the MAP Report, what do you do with it? How do you read it, and what does the report show about your child's learning? We will have a Parent Workshop this Friday, October 25, from 2-3 to answer those questions for you.

At the workshop we will share with you how to read these reports so you can understand how your child is progressing. To get the most out of this workshop, plesae bring a printed copy of your child's report. Please come, bring the questions, bring the reports, and learn together how to better understand these regular MAP tests your child takes here at WYIS.

Location: First floor music room of the Performing Arts Building. Translation will be available.


Instead of our usual Fall costume time at WYIS, this year Student Council (STUCO) has organized an all-school Spirit Week. Spirit Week will be held next week, October 28 through November 1.

  • MONDAY - Pajama Monday
  • TUESDAY - Twin Tuesday
  • WEDNESDAY - Hoodie Wednesday
  • THURSDAY - Cartoon Thursday
  • FRIDAY - Crazy Friday

If a student chooses not to dress in a theme for the day, that's no problem, but they must wear their appropriate school or PE uniform for the day.

Have fun with this, students, and show your WYIS school spirit!


Mark your calendars for our Fall Parent-Teacher Conferences.

Parent-Teacher Conferences (PTC) are scheduled for Wednesday, November 6, from 9 until 5 PM. Parents are invited to meet with their student’s teachers to discuss student progress and goals. PTC sign up will be available from 8 AM on Monday, October 28 through 3 PM on Friday, November 1.

Upper elementary and secondary students are welcome to attend conferences with their parents. They may benefit from the opportunity to discuss their progress in an open forum with teachers and parents. Parents of lower elementary students are asked to attend without their children, in order to allow for the most effective time with teachers.

You can sign up for PTC here or by scanning the QR code.

QR Code


Below are activities offered for Quarter 2:


  • Grades EC4/5 - CrossFit Kids – 3:15-3:45
  • Grades 3-5 - Junior Makers – 3:15-4:30 (meets on Mondays and Thursdays)
  • Grades 6-8 - VEX Robotics – 3:15-4:30


  • Grades 1-3 - Soccer – 3:15-4:30
  • Grades EC5-G2 - Ballet – 3:15-4:30


  • Grades 6-12 - Table Top Games – 3:15-4:30
  • Grades 2-5 - ESOL 1 English – 3:15-4:00
  • Grades 2-3 - Family Cross Country – 3:15-3:45
  • Grades 2-3 - Buffalo Scouts – 3:15-4:30
  • Grades 3-4 - Robotics Sphero SPRK+ and Drone Mambo – 3:15-4:30


  • GradesEC4/5 - Family Run for Fun – 3:15-4:00
  • Grades 2-5 - The Mystery of Chinese Characters (玩转汉字) – 3:15-4:30
  • Grades 3-5 - Junior Makers – 3:15-4:30 (meets on Mondays and Thursdays)
  • Grades 3-5 - Collaborative Art – 3:15-4:30


  • Grades 3-5 - Becoming an Expert with Microsoft Office – 3:15-4:00
  • Grades 1-2 - Robotics-Sphero SPRK+ - 3:15-4:30
  • Grades 6-12 - Advanced Art – 3:15-4:45

Please check PowerSchool to confirm the start dates for each club and transportation options.
Signups will begin on October 24 at 9am. Students may only sign up for 2 after-school activities for each semester. If there are still spaces available in any after-school activity on October 29, then students may join those clubs starting at 9am. Parents will be able to do this on PowerSchool.


During this time of year when the weather turns cooler, we usually see students develop colds and cold-related illnesses. So far this year, we know of a couple of students who developed pneumonia. We believe their pneumonia did not originate at WYIS, and we are working hard to keep the rest of our students and staff as healthy as possible. To help keep our campus healthy, our facilities team is doing extra sanitizing and cleaning in all our spaces. We are also focusing on healthy habits with students, in order to train them how to keep themselves healthier.

Below are some reminders regarding our school policy on illnesses:

  1. Immunization - Vaccination is one of the ways to help keep your child protected from certain diseases. WYIS follows a vaccination policy according to recommendations of the World Health Organization.
  2. Policy on fever and other symptoms - If your child is experiencing fever, unexplained rashes, diarrhea, vomiting, and body pain, please don’t send them to school. Your child can only come to school if the symptoms have been gone for 24 hours without medicine to relieve the symptoms.
  3. If your child has cough but no other symptoms and you send them to school, please give them a mask to bring to school. This will help prevent the spread of germs to other students.

Additional Tips to Stay Healthy:

  • Practice hand washing at home. This is one of the best things you can do to prevent the spread of germs and illnesses. Wash hands with warm water and soap after using the toilet, before eating, and before handling food. We also promote this regularly at school.
  • Consider increasing your intake of vitamin C to help boost your child’s immune system fight illnesses.

Please notify me if your child is ill, especially if you think it is contagious. This will help us monitor certain illnesses that are going around our school, so we can plan a way to prevent the illness from spreading. Questions? Please contact our school nurse, Alpha Balusdan.


If you are the parent of any student between 8th and 12th grade, we have two workshops coming up that you won't want to miss.

Suitable for parents of 10-12 graders
Learn how we are preparing our 11th and 12th graders for university and how you can help them in this process. Topics will include interest inventories, AP courses, SAT and PSAT, university searches, and well-rounded student portfolios.

Suitable for parents of 8-10 graders
Learn what steps we are taking to assist our 9th and 10th grade students in preparing for university. Topics will include 4-year high school plans, standardized testing, well-rounded student portfolios, and high school extracurricular opportunities.


4.5 weeks until International Day 2019! We invite all our WYIS families to join us at International Day and celebrate in community the cultural diversity we have here at WYIS.

How can you get involved?

  • Wear clothes from either your own country/region or one you identify with
  • Make your favourite food to share from your country
  • Prepare some form of cultural entertainment that highlights your country and its culture.

If you have questions or want to get involved, contact your PTO Language Group Leader or International Day coordinators Dayana Sanchez or Kerryn Shaw.


Ever wondered what to do with a school uniform your child has outgrown or that is older, damaged, or you just don't need? If you have a uniform that is in good condition and know another WYIS family who could use these, we encourage you to recycle and share with them.

However, there are three things we ask that you NOT do with any WYIS school uniform:

  1. Please do not put it in the trash
  2. Please do not donate it (in recycle bins or elsewhere)
  3. Please do not give it to someone who is not a current WYIS student

To protect our school brand and reputation, only current WYIS students should wear our school uniforms.

If you have any WYIS school uniform you would like to get rid of, please bring it to the school. We will take any WYIS uniform in any condition and dispose of it properly, or we will recycle it for you among interested WYIS families. If you have questions, please contact the School Office or use our Feedback Form.


Recently, we have noticed more and more students using their smartwatches inappropriately during lesson times. This not only distracts the individual student, it also distracts others in the classroom. Therefore, please be aware that if we find any smartwatch being used for a purpose other than telling time, divisional principals will confiscate and keep the smartwatch until a parent or guardian picks it up.

If you have some way of monitoring your child's device, please ensure you switch off any additional settings during school hours. We also recommend investing in a traditional analog watch for your child, which would provide less distraction to them and others during school hours. Thank you for your continued support.