Announcements - August 10

Dear Parents, Below are announcements relevant to today and our school start on Friday, August 13.

  1. SCHOOL START KITS -- It has been great seeing many of you as you’ve picked up your School Start Kits. Below is more information that we hope is helpful as you prepare to pick up yours:

    • The School Start Kits are a bit heavy and bulky, especially for students in Secondary. While the kits are manageable, please be prepared. Textbooks are not light.
    • Additional Pickup Option -- If you are unable to make it to campus, you may designate another WYIS parent to pick up your child’s School Start Kit for you. HERE is an release letter as a template. Please copy the information from this letter into the body of an email to Student Services, fill in the appropriate blanks, and Email student services ( with the completed info. (Please pick up according to the youngest student’s schedule.)
      If you have special circumstances and absolutely cannot make it to school or authorize another WYIS parent to pick it up, please contact the wyisoffice for alternative solutions. Note: we will not post any School Start Kits in the mail.
  2. WE ARE SAFE -- As you’re probably aware, the Zhuankou Street is a medium-to-high risk area. Please do not confuse this with our area. The WYIS campus is NOT on Zhuankou street and is therefore not in the medium-to-high risk area. Our staff are on campus working, and all are safe and healthy. The campus is sanitized and disinfected regularly, and we have a very strict process now at the gate to scan temperatures and show green codes. When you come to campus to pick up your kits, you will be as safe here as you will be anywhere in Wuhan.

  3. STUDENT PASSWORDS RESET -- All student passwords have been reset for Canvas and all student accounts. An email was sent today from the Registrar with updated passwords. The emails were sent to all parent email accounts on record, as well as secondary student email accounts. Secondary students will also receive a hard copy in their School Start Kits.

  4. CORRECTION TO AUGUST 9 ANNOUNCEMENT -- Yesterday we announced that students in Grades 1-3 must take our school-issued iPads, as they are loaded with school-owned apps required for each class. CORRECTION: The tools you need are all either free apps or available by website. If you would like to use your own device and not pick up the school’s iPad, that is no problem.

  5. FRIDAY – EASING INTO THE YEAR -- As you know, Friday is the first official day of school. We have a light schedule planned, easing students into the year and to online learning. While we are ready, we know our first day of online learning may not run perfectly smoothly for you or for us. As you know, technology doesn’t always work as planned. Be prepared to learn and grow with us as we start the year off online. Looking forward to learning with you!