Drama in Real Life - June 9

Friday's Drama Showcase wasn't just good. It was entertaining and fun, for sure, but more than anything, it opened the door for important conversations, which I later learned was precisely the point.

My son couldn’t go, but later I got 20 questions about it. Here’s how it went:

How was it, mom? GREAT!

What was it about? Well, it was about a lot of different things. It wasn’t just one story. It was “vignettes,” lots of different skits and stories, types of drama, musicals, mime, monologue,, etc.

But what did they talk about? Well, they talked about school and relationships, and they even talked about depression.

What’s depression? (Big inhale and a quick prayer here…) Depression is when you feel really sad, don’t want to be around people much or do the usual things, and you just have a hard time getting unsad.

The conversation between my 10-year-old and me went on like that for a while, which was the first time he’d ever heard about depression. He sat with wide eyes, asking lots of questions and soaking it all in, this not-so-happy topic that plagues many of us yet we still sometimes like to pretend doesn’t exist.

Later, I shared this with Drama teacher and show’s producer Laura Sauer, who had this to say: Drama is a great form for expression, understanding, and communication, and I hope this show opened the door for discussions around the topics and issues teens face. There is so much to learn from, admire, and celebrate about this age group.”
Sauer continued, “I’m so proud of how each student was so willing to try new genres of drama and put themselves out there. I’m also really proud of the students who wrote their own scripts- Vanessa S. (“Head Above Water”), Luke D. (“Dr. Amore”) and Andrew L., Leo U., and Bo W. (“The New Kid” mime act). They put in MANY extra hours of work to craft their scripts and make it something meaningful for the audience.”

Read more here directly from our talented middle and high school drama students, as well as from our Fashion Design teacher, whose middle and high school fashion design students modeled their own designs on the runway during the show.

From Ellie S., Gr. 12:
"I loved getting to see all of the amazing performances and to celebrate all we have achieved as a drama class. It was cool to see all of my classmates' hard work pay off."
"I hope the audience enjoyed themselves. I hope they felt free to laugh and cry and be human for a night, free of all the stresses that plague them and the worries that weigh them down. I hope that, for a night, they were able to fly."

From Vanessa S., Gr. 10:
“I hope the audience were able to gain a better insight into lives of adolescents after seeing our showcase. Adolescents are complicated creatures, after all.”
From Joy H., Gr. 10:
“What I enjoyed most about this show was the laughter of the audience, which made me feel not nervous anymore on the stage.
I also enjoyed being on stage with everyone, it was a new experience for me. Of course, I felt good for that I could applaud and said “good job” as the others went back behind the stage after their performance.”
“I really hope the audience enjoyed the show, and it would be wonderful if our performance made them laugh. Smile is a strong power, so I wish the show brought this power to everyone.”

From Bo W., Gr. 9:
“I personally think the fact that this year’s show is based on a variety of different concepts, all based around a relatable experience for the audience was excellent. The show included a number of thought-provoking plays, but at the same time it exhibited a quite relaxed style, which was very cool. Overall, this was a tremendous experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

From Leo U., Gr. 9:
“I really enjoyed working and performing with the other drama casts, and I am really happy that we succeeded, because this show was the last show for some of us and we worked really hard for it. From the show, I learned that when you cooperate and work hard in rehearsals with your other drama casts, no matter how hard or how long the show is, you will be able to perform well and entertain the audience.”

From Andrew L., Gr. 10:
"I took an extra step forward into being more physically expressive in this show. I feel like that was a very important milestone for me because I've always been more conservative. I've been waiting for this chance to express myself, and this was the primary reason I took Drama this year. I really enjoyed cooperating with my peers and sharing the fun on stage. Even though sometimes there were things that I didn't feel quite comfortable doing, but fortunately I conquered my demons and performed the best I could be. I hope that the audiences gained the knowledge that us performers put a lot of effort into this show to entertain them, and to find the fun of drama. It was a pleasure to see the smiles and hear the laughter from the audiences."

From Tiffany Yang, Fashion Design Teacher: "Everyone has their own story to tell. Our purpose for this fashion collection is to celebrate this special school year, from overcoming the challenging beginning to all of the special events, accomplishments, and memories that have happened, as well. This year, students learned about collection design(系列设计). Inspired by their own stories, students applied design techniques and skills to create their own unique costumes design. Tonight, they present their functional art on the runway to share their story with you. "

"I am so proud of our students that they contributed all their hard work, effort, and their own stories by presenting their own unique costumes and personalities on the runway and sharing with all audience."

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June 9, 2021