Safely Back to School

Ensuring Our Campus is a Safe Place to Learn

We are excited to have students and staff back on campus this fall!

We've been working hard to protect the safety of students, staff, and teachers from COVID-19. With guidance from the Wuhan Development Zone (Hannan District) Education Bureau, we are implementing our plan to prevent the spread of illness among our community.

The plan includes the following:

  • Disinfecting and ventilating the school facility multiple times per day
  • Limiting campus access to essential personnel only
  • Documenting recent travel history for all students, staff, and households in the community.
  • Checking temperatures and health codes for all students, staff, and approved visitors multiple times per day
  • Ensuring adequate social distancing during lunch time
  • Creating a safe isolation area for anyone who becomes sick during the school day
  • Stocking up on all necessary PPE and cleaning supplies
  • Ongoing monitoring of the pandemic situation worldwide and its impact on our community



Download a copy of our Health Pass (temperature tracking form) HERE. This form is required on your child's first day back to school. Please record their temperature for 14 days prior to their first day.


Will students be required to wear a mask on campus?
As of now, students and teachers will not be required to wear masks in their classrooms. However, this requirement might change. Access to school is restricted to students and teachers with a green health code and negative nucleic acid test for COVID-19. Furthermore, classrooms have been arranged to provide distancing between students and frequent ventilation of the space. There may be special activities that do not allow for adequate social distancing. For these short periods of time, children and staff will be required to wear a mask.
Will lunches be served on campus?
Yes, we will be providing lunches in staggered lunch periods to allow for a minimum number of students in the cafeteria at one time. Cafeteria table seats have been set to a reduced capacity. Food preparation and service staff will wear masks at all times.
What will be the procedure if a student becomes ill during the school day?
If a student becomes ill with headache, cough, nausea or fever (>37.3 C), the student will be escorted to an isolation area on campus where he or she will receive care from a trained monitor and wait to be picked up by a parent or guardian. The teacher and other students will temporarily move to a different location until the classroom has been cleaned and disinfected. After the classroom has been disinfected, the teacher and other students can return.
Will bus service resume?
Yes. Check with the office for information about the 2020 fall bus routes. Busses will be cleaned and disinfected at the beginning and end of each day. All bus riders will need to wear a mask while on the bus. The will also have temperatures checked before boarding and need to show a green health code and negative nucleic acid test on their phone (or the phone of a family member). For younger riders, it is recommended they come with a parent, in case for some reason they cannot board the bus.
What will be the procedure for a student to return to school after an illness, or if a student’s family member is ill?
If a student leaves school or is absent due to illness, or if a member of the student’s household is ill, the student should remain at home until receiving a negative test result. While waiting for approval to return to the classroom, the student may continue with instruction online if he or she is feeling well enough.
What will be the procedure if a student or family member returns from travel outside Hubei Province?
If a student or member of the student’s household returns to the home from travel outside Hubei province, the family must notify the school office and be approved for classroom instruction with a negative test result before returning to campus. While waiting for approval to return to the classroom, the student can continue with instruction online.
Can family and community members come to campus?
Yes. Everyone will show their green QR code and take a temperature check before entering the school buildings or campus events.
My child travels to school by himself everyday, but he does not have a phone and health code. What would happen in this situation?
If your child doesn’t have a phone or if the nucleic acid test result doesn’t show up on his or her phone, no problem. You just need to sign a statement that your child has been in Hubei province for at least 14 days, and provide the written record from a Chinese hospital demonstrating a negative result on the child's nucleic acid test. Your child can bring those papers to school the first day on campus. We’ll record it in our system, and that will satisfy the requirement.
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