Instructional Program

Keeping Active, Keeping Safe

WYIS is almost completely in-person and on campus,with just a handful of students and two teachers still remote. Below are details of our instructional program, as well support from Tech Tools and some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Please let us know how we can support you.



Canvas is a Learning Management System all classes use. Below is login and additional information. Please contact your child's teacher for questions about how his or her specific class is using Canvas.

>>>>>START HERE - Canvas Login Web URL/Address:

Additional Information
  • All WYIS students now have a school-issued email and should choose Login For Students with a School Issued Email Address.
  • Beginning January 4, 2021, all parents have access to Canvas as a parent/observer for their child's classes. This allows you, the parent/guardian, to log in to see your child’s class assignments, due dates, etc. It is not necessary for you to take any action on Canvas, unless you would like to, and observing your child's courses does not affect their courses or learning in any way. If you have questions, please contact Edgar Franks ( or June Lei ( This document also provides instructions and help for logging in.
  • Remember, the Canvas login is the same as the student email login. If you can log in to your WYIS student email account, you can log in to your Canvas account. If you're having problems with your student email account, email the IT helpdesk:
  • User names are first initial+last name+expected year of (for example:
  • If you have more than one child accessing their WYIS email and Canvas accounts on one device, you MUST log out of both programs before logging in as another student. If you do not, that will probably cause you problems.


Zoom is a video conferencing tool we use regularly at WYIS.

For the correct link on all WYIS Zoom calls, download Zoom directly from HERE


Our school uses PowerSchool as its Student Management System. The attached document HERE shows step-by-step instructions on how to log in to view a student's schedule on PowerSchool.

To visit the PowerSchool login portion of our website, click HERE. If you have technical problems with PowerSchool, please contact Agnes Liu (mailto:


What are the attendance expectations for Secondary Students while some students are on campus and some are not?
Secondary teachers record attendance in PowerSchool for students who are both on campus and off campus. - Students outside Wuhan - For students who are off campus and learning online, we expect them to join Zoom calls and participate with the teacher and on-campus students synchronously as much as is possible and available. We expect all students in an Asian time zone to participate in class synchronously. - Students in Wuhan - Students currently in Wuhan are expected to attend classes at WYIS unless their specific situation has been discussed and approved by Dr. Rehm. Our hope is for all students to return to WYIS and begin learning in person as soon as possible. We know every student’s situation is different, so please talk with your child’s teacher or Dr. Rehm with any exceptions we should consider or any other questions you have.
When do classes begin and end?
For the most updated calendar information, please view our website calendar here:
What will classes be like for off-campus (WYIS Online) students?
Off-campus students follow an online curriculum available on Canvas, our learning management system. For the best learning experience, students should plan to attend live virtual lessons to participate in discussions, connect with their teachers, and join class activities. Check class information on Canvas for Zoom links and other information on how to join the live sessions. >>>>> Course materials are available on Canvas. Students can see the year overview, learning activities and instructional videos, teacher announcements and updates – any time, from any time zone.
What will classes be like for on-campus students?
On-campus students follow a regular school day schedule from 8 AM until 3:20 PM. (updated for 2021/2022) >>>>> Course materials are available on Canvas. Students can see the year overview, learning activities and instructional videos, teacher announcements and updates – any time, from any time zone.
I'm in Secondary. How can I find my schedule?
Class schedules are available on PowerSchool. Questions about Secondary scheduling or courses? Contact your teacher or Secondary Principal, Dr. Chris Rehm, with scheduling and course questions.
My child is in Elementary. Where is his schedule?
Parents will receive their child’s schedule in the elementary welcome packs prepared by each classroom teacher. Parents will receive a Welcome Packet at Orientation/Open House or on their child’s first day of school. Elementary schedules are not in PowerSchool the same as they are for Secondary students. Questions about ECC or Elementary? Contact your child’s teacher or Elementary Principal, Dr. Will Hatten.
How can I find my Elementary child's log in to Canvas?
Since elementary students do not regularly use their school email, we have sent elementary student parents an email with more information about important logins. Elementary students do not have a PowerSchool account. Students only have and need a login for Canvas.
I'm a returning Secondary student. Where is my login for Canvas, PowerSchool, etc?
Students were emailed information that contains your computer login, as well as login information for PowerSchool and Canvas, etc.
I'm a NEW Secondary Student. Where is my login for Canvas, PowerSchool, etc?
We emailed new students' parents their child's student email address, so your child will be able to check their student email account and receive important login information. We will use the parent email address we have on file in PowerSchool.
Who do I contact for IT support?
Send an email to our IT Helpdesk ( with questions about school devices, logging in to Powerschool or Canvas, etc.
What devices and tools should I prepare?
Students will need access to a computer with high speed internet and a headset or earphones for watching video and participating in online discussions. More information on how to use Canvas, Zoom and PowerSchool can be found elsewhere on this page
Will there be after-school activities and athletic competitions?
Yes. Campus activities and tournaments will continue. We will monitor the local health and travel conditions throughout the year in order to give students the most educational opportunities in a safe environment.
Will there be Fall Camp?
Yes. View our website calendar to see when Fall Camp will be held. For the most updated calendar information, please view our website calendar here:
I need to add or drop a class. What do I do?
Fill out an Add/Drop Request Form. It's located under Community/Key Documents.
Will the school provide online teaching if a student is quarantined because of COVID or other health/safety issue?
Students who are required to quarantine will be provided materials and resources to self-study during their quarantine time. Teachers will be available for questions and support, but they will not provide video lessons or online teaching during that time.