Welcome to Secondary

At WYIS, we have a unique opportunity to help create innovative educational and social experiences to equip students for the unique challenges of an ever changing world. We value both academics and character growth and aim to give all of our students the same opportunities and experiences regardless of whether they are here for a few months or numerous years.

We aim to ensure all students feel valued as individuals, but also feel part of the wider WYIS Buffalo team!

Our programs are designed to help students think for themselves and gain confidence in the various disciplines we offer. Students are supported by a team of dedicated teachers and support staff and also have a unique learning opportunity through online courses.

We believe our approach to education works and helps students achieve balance and perspective as they approach adulthood. Our mission is to ensure they have the academic results, physical wellbeing, and social experiences to be prepared for their next challenge.

As Secondary Principal, I look forward to helping your student thrive here at WYIS.

Welcome to our community!

Go, Buffaloes!

Tom Williams

Secondary Principal

Secondary Overview

Meeting challenges. Driving change. WYIS is committed to equipping students with the knowledge, skills, and character to be innovative, resilient, and empathetic. Learning standards provide the framework for students to ask investigative questions and to develop problem-solving skills.

We are committed to the learning process. Try and try again. Fail, but don’t stop. Keep moving forward into something new, something stronger. Small class sizes create the focused opportunity and responsibility for growth. Every day, students are identifying areas of strength, cultivating their abilities through coaching and guided reflection. They are challenged to think beyond themselves. How can they make a positive impact on their community? Individual contribution is multiplied into community strength when we work together. Fall Camp weekend, morning advisory groups, department assemblies, athletic teams – all create small, intentional communities focused on relationship building and character development.

Each year has a theme such as “United We Serve” (2011-2012) and “YOLO” (2014-2015). How can we dedicate our time and talents to improve the quality of life of those around us? And, since we only live once, how should we live? We actively apply learning to large, world questions. The classroom is a launching point to awareness, stewardship, and influence.

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Secondary Teaching Staff

Amanda Thornton
English Teacher
Laura Sauer
HS Social Studies Teacher
Nuku Nabete
Middle School Teacher
Bryan Fisher
Science Teacher
Vic Fryer
MS Math & Science Teacher
Eric Bobga Gwanfogbe
Math Teacher
Sarah Reese
MS English Teacher
Krista Pack
Music Teacher
Tiffany Yang
Art Co-Teacher
Irena  Sokol
Art Teacher
Kim Culp
College & Career Counselor
Sandra Carpenter
Study Skills Teacher
Aaron Householder
P.E. Teacher
Ben Wilson
P.E. Teacher
Karl Dawson
Ethics Teacher
Doris Lauron
Language Acquisition Teacher
Lynn Younker
Language Acquisition Teacher
William Lee
Computer Science Teacher
Flora Fu
Chinese Language Teacher
Sharron Yu
Chinese Language Teacher
Theresa Ma
Chinese Language Teacher
Hannah Carter
Media Specialist


WYIS is a place of workmanship. Each child is an individual with strengths, hopes, passions, dreams. Our curriculum reflects both what happens in the classroom and every interaction teachers have with students throughout the day. This integrated approach is part of our school culture – teaching students to effectively communicate ideas, to address conflicts in a positive way, to think beyond the obvious. We are inclusive to all learners. Teachers and support staff work together to ensure every student’s learning is supported and challenged.

Each day opens with an opportunity to build community and expand ideas. In this 10-minute Advisory time, groups might discuss a trending TED Talk, challenge another group to a game, or review last minute homework questions. In Advisory, we’re learners together.

The week is divided into A days and B days, both of which have five periods each day. Periods 1 and 5 are 50-minute blocks, and periods 2 through 4 are 80-minute blocks. A student’s schedule alternates, depending on whether it’s an A day or a B day. Over 85 different courses are offered in English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Technology, Physical Education and Health, Fine Arts, Service Learning, College and Career Preparation, and Ethics. All courses but world languages are offered in English.

With class sizes averaging eleven students, teachers focus on each individual. Middle school (Grades 6-8) focuses on developing responsibility, gaining independence, growing in understanding and empathy for others. High school (Grades 9-12) deepens subject knowledge, and explores various leadership and career paths. Twenty four credits are required for high school graduation, based on the semester credit system.

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered in Calculus AP, Statistics, Chemistry, Physics 2, Comparative Government and Politics, English Language and Composition, Chinese Language and Culture, Art 2-D and 3-D Design.

Portfolios. Resumes. Job interviews. WYIS students are equipped to manage future lives as adults through the College and Career Program. Grade 12 students work with a guidance counselor, financial director, and writing instructors to sharpen and showcase their abilities and plans for the future.

Morals. Choices. Guiding principles. Spiritual study and ethics courses are built into the educational experience as part of our holistic model. By defining and explaining their beliefs, WYIS students connect with their own identity and personal choices, and learn to understand the worldviews around them.

Research. Design. Film. Organize and manage. WYIS students learn the skills to collaborate and to think critically in a 21st century, media-driven environment. Technology tools are integrated into the learning experience following the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) standards.

Game time! WYIS students learn to master winning and losing. They learn to reason in the heat of competition. Co-curricular activities encourage students to find balance with regular exercise and good nutrition, to develop citizenship and productive life habits.

Progress & Reporting

Want the best for your child? We do too. A WYIS education is a partnership. The best learning breakthroughs are made in collaboration. Regular communication with families is a key to student success. Our online communication portal, Powerschool, allows parents to check weekly progress updates. Quarterly reports provide learning checkpoints. Semester conferences in October and March provide open consultations about each child’s learning. The time is reflective and action oriented.

School Timings

We work with each student to develop a schedule and course load in line with their development and aspirations. Below is a sample schedule from one of our 10th grade students.

Monday through Friday

  • 7:50 – Arrive
  • 8:00 – Advisory
  • 8:15 – SS203 Intro to Sociology
  • 9:00 – SCI301 Chemistry
  • 9:50 – EN202 World Literature
  • 10:40 – Study Hall
  • 11:20 – Lunch
  • 11:55 – MA301 Pre-Calculus
  • 12:45 – REL203 Let God Be God
  • 1:35 – PE201 Health & Wellness
  • 2:25 – SEC201 Yearbook & Design
  • 2:25 – MU201 Choir
  • 3:05 – Dismiss

Graduation Requirements

English-Credit4 Credits

3 Credits

2 Credits

1 Credit

2 Credits

3 Credits

3 Credits

2 Credits

1/2 Credit per Semester

Learning Support

At WYIS we are committed to seeing that every child has an opportunity to learn and grow. In most cases, the needs of individual students are able to be met by the classroom teacher with the use of some individualized assistance or curriculum modification as necessary. We are willing to discuss the needs of each child and determine if the necessary resources needed for success are available. In certain cases, one-to-one assistance can be offered.

We believe that children grow and learn best in a secure, nurturing environment. At WYIS, we place high importance on seeing that our students feel valued, successful, and esteemed. We treat each child with respect and encourage them to treat others in the same manner. Through developing character, we are positioning our students to become positive members of our global society.

Our school counselor is qualified, experienced, and available to assist our students and families who may be facing transition or other social or emotional issues.

English Language Development

WYIS provides assistance for secondary students who need English as a Second Language (ESOL) support. Our staff are qualified English and/or ESL specialized teachers who assist our students to reach a greater fluency in English. This program focuses on age appropriate vocabulary building and addresses listening, speaking, reading, and writing needs.

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